Grow More. Be More. Connex More.

Our lives are made of ordinary days strung together into a row of weeks which become years which become our entire world. Oftentimes, we can lose focus of what matters in our daily schedules as we fight the continuous balance of life, work, and play. As a business owner, your primary concerns of running your company become a monotonous and frustrating chore of marketing, branding, and posting enough on social media.

But what if running your company didn’t need to be so difficult?

At Connex Strategy, our goal is to build onto what you already have, sculpt it, and nurture it. Our ever-changing world filled with technologically based mediums makes branding and marketing even more vital to the growth of your business. It’s even more important to present your company in the correct way by partnering with a group of individuals who work towards the same goals.

Alexander Barclay began Connex Strategy in 2017 when he realized it was time for him to work on his personal goals and aspirations which involved helping others around him. He has spent countless years in the marketing and sales world as well as worked with numerous nonprofits. His designed Connex to be more than a marketing agency: it’s your second family.

With plans and services designed around your specific goals and growth needs, Connex will exceed your expectations. Social media, videography, graphic design, and event planning are just some of the vast services provided to you.

Let’s grow together. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving
— Albert Einstein